“Public housing” has been a part of this country since Thomas Jefferson formed federal regulations to keep housing safe in 1790. Many additional measures have been taken to ensure safe, affordable housing since our founding fathers recognized the need for and importance of this basic right for all Americans. Today, the need for affordable housing is more demonstrated than ever with the stigmas and falsehoods associated with public housing being lifted.

Public housing is not for the lazy and uneducated, but, instead, for hard-working individuals and families who face daunting challenges relating to the cost of housing, healthcare, transportation and education. Public housing is a hand up for those who need it. Public housing empowers its residents to be more, challenging them to work their way out of the system of public support to self-sufficiency.

“The Housing Authority of Bowling Green is a place where there are NO EXCUSES. Through hard work, commitment to excellence, and guidance from trained professionals, our residents can and will be successful in life. Failure is not the end of the story. HABG helps our residents write the next chapter.”

Abraham Williams

50th Anniversary Celebration