Lori Richey, Senior Services Coordinator                  

Teairra Halsell  Services Coordinator

The Housing Authority of Bowling Green offers a service program for their elderly, handicapped, and disabled residents.  The mission of this program is to assist the frail and disabled elderly, committed to bringing them a high quality of life and allowing them to remain in their home and live independently.  The senior program provides an active program of exercise, recreation, art, music, community outings, and health education.  The goals for each participant include maintaining independence and optimal functioning, encouraging socialization, and decreasing social isolation and elder abuse.  This program operates five days a week to better serve our elderly residents.  Regularly working with these residents helps them maintain their socialization skills, provides emotional support, and also improves their self-esteem.

Daily Services of the Senior Service Coordinator:

  • Counseling with Residents
  • Health Education Classes
  • Bill Payment (writing checks & money orders and transportation)
  • Record Keeping (budgeting and accounting)
  • Paperwork for illiterate residents (reading mail and assisting with information)
  • Assisting and Referrals to work programs for those 55+
  • Advocate with DCBS: Food Stamps, Adult P&P, Medicaid, and Medicare premiums
  • Education Classes for residents (Reading, writing, math, art, and basic computers)
  • Exercise & Walking Classes
  • Social & Recreational Activities
  • Medicaid/Medicare Paperwork
  • Tax Rebate Forms
  • Recertification papers for public housing
  • Personal Grooming
  • Monthly Shopping Trips and Bill Paying
  • “Safe Shopping” with the local Sheriff’s Department monthly to Wal-Mart
  • Monthly & Weekly Prayer Meetings
  • Delivered commodities monthly to over 100 residents 60+
  • Weekly visits to the food bank for government commodities
  • Monthly Potluck & Birthday Party
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Medical Assistance
  • Picking up prescription & having them filled
  • Assist with weekly pill box reminders
  • Assist with setting up transportation to and from the doctor

Case Management Services:

  • Home visits are provided for all five sites
  • Multi-page assessments
  • A care planning process on each resident
  • Elder abuse, Social Isolation, and Depression Screenings
  • Arranging and monitoring of in-home services
  • Provide current information on Scams targeting the elderly
  • Develop report with residents to avoid any type of abuse situation that could be taking place, which often is by a family member or friend
  • Physical, Emotional or Psychological, Sexual, Neglect, Self-neglect, Abandonment, or Financial or Material Exploitation are all forms of abuse
  • Provide information regarding Identity Theft

Provide a partnership and linkage between local agencies:

  • Community Action of Southern Kentucky
  • Bowling Green Parks and Recreation
  • Commonwealth Health Free Clinic
  • Salvation Army
  • Warren County Sheriff’s Department
  • Western Kentucky University (Nursing Program, Recreation Program, and Rural Health Department)
  • Local cab company
  • Local churches
  • FOP Lodge
  • Local Home Health Agencies
  • Warren County/ Barren River District Health Department
  • Department of Community Based Services
  • Kentucky Legal Aid

The Housing Authority of Bowling Green Senior Program provides anywhere from 10 to 15 social and recreational activities per month for our elderly residents.  The residents receive some type of prize just for showing up for the activity.  The prizes for the individual games range anywhere from cleaning products, personal hygiene items, household items, paper towels, and toilet paper.  These are items that can not be purchased with food stamps, and at the end of the month, money is tight and these residents are in need of many items.  All they have to do is show up for an activity and they will receive something that they need.  The senior program at the Housing Authority of Bowling Green provides a stimulating and therapeutic environment for the isolated elderly which are often overlooked in today’s society.